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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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Advice/Tips For Diagnosing Render Failures - HtoA Solaris - Apple Silicon

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Advice/Tips For Diagnosing Render Failures - HtoA Solaris - Apple Silicon


I've been experiencing frequent failures when rendering with HtoA via Solaris. The Houdini Terminal does not log any errors; the render simply stops and progress ceases to be logged in the terminal. These failures occur every time I render overnight.

My scene is simple; one high-poly (~1 million triangles/quads) object over a studio backdrop (bent, subdivided grid) with 5 rectangle lights. 300 frames @ 30fps. I'm using the Solaris native render vars, render products and render settings LOP fed into a USD Render ROP. Render ROP is default settings except I'm reserving 1 CPU core and running an mPlay monitor.

The only consistent behavior I've noticed is that renders have not failed when I reserve 8 cpu cores for when I'm rendering while working my day job as a graphic designer (running Adobe apps and Figma without issues while rendering). Seems like the failures are more common when only reserving 1 or 2 cpu cores.

I'm wondering if these types of failures are common and if there are known workarounds or methods for diagnosing these kinds of issues. I'm curious if there are settings in the Render Settings or USD Render ROP that I can experiment with to see if they affect the failure rate.

Also wondering if this could be a MacOS or Houdini/Solaris issue.



- Brian

Houdini Indie 20.5.90 (Apple Silicon Build)
HtoA 6.2.5
Mac OS 14.4
M2 Pro Mac Mini (12 core CPU, 32 GB RAM)
Machine is set to never sleep


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