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Z-pass / z-depth with standard volume ?

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Z-pass / z-depth with standard volume ?


I am rendering a cloudscape with VDB clouds, but I would like to have a z pass for my compositing to work. I've got my solid objects in the Z but not my clouds.

Is there something I need to setup ?

Thank you !

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Encapsul your entire scene with a box you give a volume material and assign a very low density will automaticly produce depth pass, you may need to exclude shadows or lightning. This method is production proven in 3dsmax atleast.

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As far as I know there is no way to include a volume in a z-buffer. You can generate depth of a volume using deep compositing.

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Let's pretend we have 2 clouds both are volumes.
The active cloud moves away and thus colors are dimmed down due to the volume they both exsist in, this also works for transparency naturally and anything else, you just need to rig it up.


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Could you detail your workflow to produce the z depth using volume? DOes it work with glass as well? I remember to have seen something like that in another thread talking about aovs and z depth with glass material. The guy said he would do a tutorial about it, but I could not find nothing.

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Yes, this method works perfect through glass.

I'll attempt to push a video about it one of the next days.

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