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xpExplosiaFX direct render support

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xpExplosiaFX direct render support

Redshift has added direct support to render xpExplosiaFX without coverting to vdb first.

Will Arnold follow suit?

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The X-Particles SDK does not allow access to explosiaFX and I don't see any recent changes. I guess I have to ask around. Of course if it becomes available, then we add direct support too.

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@Peter Horvath in the manual it says Arnold can render via xpDomain now xpDomain replaced with xpFluidFLIP, I tried on few scenes and can't get renders. Any updates for both explosiafx and FLIP? thanx in advance.

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Direct explosia support is in progress, but it requires a new xparticles sdk to be published.

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Explosia FX is now supported directly in C4DtoA 3.3.2.

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works now thank u ♥

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