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Xparticles Trail with Volume

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Xparticles Trail with Volume

I am unable to get x-particle trails working as an arnold volume, with different color trails.

The effect I'm going for is a typical long-exposure of car lights kind of thing.

I can use a mesher but then I cannot make each trail have it's own color (also the mesher feels heavy..). I can use fracture on the mesher to get different colors but for some reason it no longer animates.

Any advice is HIGHLY appreciated.

Thank you

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Have you tried increasing motion blur length instead to simulate this effect?

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Unfortunately trails are currently limited and the plugin can not read their color from XP. But you can generate random colors or use the id to control shading, as described here:

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Thanks @ Peter

I am able to get the volume material working using xpEmitter with tracer and sweep, but then can’t assign random colors to my sweep elements. Any suggestions?

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The problem is that Sweep generates one mesh and the information of individual trails is lost. If you could generate one mesh per trail you can use the object id to generate random color. But I have no idea if that's possible.

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