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XP trails geometry not working correctly?

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XP trails geometry not working correctly?

Hello there...

Actually this should be no problem but when i apply the arnold tag on the xp trail object i don´t get round splines...instead the splines get flat and i am not albe to figure out where the problem every video the tag is applied and it works fine but not for me...tried a couple things but i really have no idea what the problem is...maybe you can help me---take care and greetings-snapshot-000.jpg

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short edit:

i tried to use some custom shapes in the arnold tag on an emitter but they also don´t the problem that they are editable because the standart c4d shapes are all working.

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Just to be sure, did you change the Mode to thick in the Arnold tag?

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No it´s on ribbon. actually i did not change anything in the tag....i put the trail into a spline mesher and it kind a works now but is super heavy because of the poly count of the splines...

should be possible without putting it in a spline mesher right?


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hello again...

so finally i set the mode to thick and it works last question allthough there are some other posts about but it does not work for me:

i want to random the colors and use the setup with the utility shader (random id) and it works it possible to define a certain color spectrum like with a color jitter note? i put the utility shader in the color jitters hue min and set the color and try to play with the values and it semi works...maybe you have some final tip for me but thanks as always for your help!

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You can actually use a color_jitter shader, just read the curve_id via a user_data_int shader and connect it to the User Data / Data parameter. Make sure Export IDs is enabled in the Arnold tag of the xpTrails.


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