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x-particles lines color from xpDisplayRender?

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x-particles lines color from xpDisplayRender?

Hi, I am trying to get the display color from a xpDisplayRender object that shows fields. This video explains the workflow for the standard renderer from minute 18:40 till the end:

According to the Arnold Tag, the object is interpreted as curve, so I was hoping it works similar to xpTrail. But somehow the colors don’t show up in Arnold. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Unfortunately as far as I see, the X-Particles API does not have support for the xpDisplayRender object, like it does for xpTrail, thus colors can not be exported to Arnold. Do other third-party renderers support it?

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Thanks for your reply. It is supported by Cycle4D, but this renderer is from the same company who is doing x-Particles.

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I will ask Insydium.
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Actually, this should work natively. If you set the mode to 'Segmented Spline', like in the video, it generates individual splines with the Display Color set to match the viewport display of the FlowField. You can read that color via a user_data_rgb shader, just set display_color as the Attribute.

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