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Why Denoiser/cryptomatte driver don't work on Teamrender?

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Why Denoiser/cryptomatte driver don't work on Teamrender?

Hello guys,
I understand problems of using drivers and rendering on multiple machines simultaneously. However I would like to send whole job to solely my secondary computer, so whoe picture is rendered on one computer.

Drivers even save files locally, which unfortunately are corrupt and cannot be opened. Not to be able to use Cryptomatte and denoiser with teamrender seem to me as quite a limitation. I would like to avoid purchasing second Cinema license just for rendering.

Any hopes on removing this inconvenience?


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You are using Arnold drivers, and rendering a sequence, not a single frame?

Can you get Arnold logs from all computers?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Not quite sure how to generate log on my render client computer, I see nowhere Arnold tab.6691-screenshot-2020-04-14-at-110516.png

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You can enable the log in the scene, and the Arnold log will be printed out on the client machine in the Console

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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I have provided a link in the post with respective log files

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For the Arnold log, you'll need to increase the log verbosity to Info.

I see texture errors in the server log. Those should have aborted the render. I assume you disabled Abort on Error? Does that mean you don't need those textures for a good render?

Here's how an Arnold log would look on a TeamRender Client


// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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You can't use Cryptomatte for a single-frame render. Cryptomatte must use an Arnold EXR driver, so it has to be a sequence of frames, so that the client renders a whole frame.

And ideally you'll have a network drive, where each client will render frames to that drive. Otherwise, you'll have to render to the local drives and collect the files manually.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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What if I render single frame using just one node, then all buckets come from one machine and it even saves the drivers locally, I am fine with all that, it even saves exr’s but they cannot be opened because they are corrupt files. I am not trying to save drivers rendered partially on different computers.

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Right, in theory that could work. Yet single frame team render is based on distributing buckets on multiple clients. Even if the render starts with one client, only just a bunch of buckets are assigned in one iteration, because other clients can join in during rendering. That's why the driver output is 'corrupt', rendering only a slice of the image in the last iteration.

The workaround is rendering a sequence instead where one client renders a whole frame. You can 'cheat' by setting the Frame Step to a high number, so it actually renders one frame.

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SSD on my second computer died, I will try this trick when replacement returns, thanks for now.

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