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When update a fuction that 'render to texture' in C4DtoA?

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When update a fuction that 'render to texture' in C4DtoA?

Hello. I'm annual C4DtoA user in company account.

Recently I will make a bake texture in my work place and found a function about 'render to texture'. But the function didn't place in C4DtoA. Only Maya arnold get it.

In the near future, It must be need, I thought. when update this function in C4DtoA?

Or, I wonder this below link, guys told about similar question each others, and Some said to use arnold API. Could I get more detail information for API to use bake texture?

I am Korean, and English is awkward. Thank you for reading the qeustion.

Thank you 😄

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We have plans for it in a future release but I can not tell you any estimated dates yet.

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Ok. Thank you your comment!

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