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Volumetric lighting via image file on selected polygons

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Volumetric lighting via image file on selected polygons

Hi All,

I am just starting to learn C4DtoA so hopefully this is not a dumb question...

I have a cube (converted to a polygon) and want one side to be an emissive material (PNG image) and the rest to be a metal texture. I also need the emissive polygon to show in the atmosphere volume I have in the scene. I have tried two ways...

If I use the PNG in the emissive slot of the texture it does not show up in the atmosphere which is what I need. I am able to use polygon selection tags to have the PNG assigned to one poly and a metal texture to the remaining polys though.

If I use a mesh light, the PNG "shows" in the atmosphere but I can seem to find a way to use a polygon selection with a mesh light. This means I can't have the other polygons set to the metal material.

Am I missing something or do I essentially need 2 objects (one for the metal parts and one for the image part)?


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Emission does not work with Atmosphere Volume. Use a Mesh light on a separate object instead.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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in reply to: simonEPZ3S

OK, got it working now. Thanks for the info Lee.

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Yeah, the mesh light tag currently does not work with polygon selections. That's an improvement I want to add in a future release.

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