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Volume displacement UV texture information to color /displacement?

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Volume displacement UV texture information to color /displacement?


I have recently been trying around with Lee Griggs' volume displacement technique and I wonder if there is a way to use the objects texture in the original UV space as an input to the scatter color channel or to the displacement channel. As far as I can tell the mesh volume does not respect the UVs of the original object (which I guess makes sense as it is now a volume without a clear surface), but is there maybe a way to use a copied decoy object and project the texture from there? Maybe Lee himself has some experience with that?

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I have not been successful with that. I just use the camera texture projection method.

Maybe you could try camera mapping the z-depth of the object to volume_displacement?

An alternative way could be to render the object with a fisheye lens and spherically project to the volume displacement? Not very accurate but might be worth a try.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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in reply to: f.ribbeck

Hi Lee, thanks for your answer. Yes I have also thought about using a rendered image to project, but then you would need to have your camera position set already, but in that case it might be working. I will try around more with that

The Z-depth approach sounds very interesting 🙂

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