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Rendering with Arnold in CINEMA 4D using the C4DtoA plug-in.
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Video render C4dtoA

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Video render C4dtoA


I would like to know how to render a video with Arnold in cinema 4D or in after Effects but I didn't find anythings about that on the web. So can you help me

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It is really not adviseable to render directly to a video format. If your render is interrupted, you can easily pick up where you left off if you render to frames. As a general rule, you'll always want to render to frames (i.e. exr) and import them into something like after effects to make a video format.

In arnold, all you have to do is pad the frames so they do not overwrite by adding #### at the end of your file name, that way your files will be named sequence0001.exr, sequence0002.exr ... ect.

Inside after effects, you simply import the sequence, ensuring that the "sequence" checkbox is enabled on the bottom. You only select a single file in a sequence and the whole sequence will be imported.

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Thank you to your answer but I just can export all my frames with an .Ass format but not in .exr so can you say me how to export all my frames with .exr.

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Information about Arnold Output drivers.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Just select Arnold as the Renderer in the render settings, set the Save format to OpenEXR and render your scene as usual. (

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I remember my first attempts at rendering. It was a horror of sorts. The good thing is that there is an animated explainer video, which describes in detail how to do certain things correctly. At the same time you learn various other useful tricks that can be useful to you in the future. It's really cool and cool.

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