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Unusual colour bars when rendering hair on picture viewer

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Unusual colour bars when rendering hair on picture viewer

Hi! I used standard hair settings according to Arnold's manual (, and it looks fine in the IPR window, but when I render to pictureviewer, there is a weird blue bar showing up. I turned off some lights to see if it was a reflection, but it stays there. I changed the base colour, and it makes no difference. I have no tints on the hair. Anyone knows what this could be?



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Please open the console (Shift + F10) and check if there are any warnings or errors in the log. Which version of the plugin are you using? There was a change regarding hair export in C4DtoA 3.0.2, which have some issues and will be fixed in 3.0.4 soon. Maybe it worth trying a previous version, like

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Hi Peter! Thanks for replying. Its weird, console doesn't say anything while rendering. I am using C4DtoA2.6.1.2, so I guess thats not the problem. I have tried everything and I am a bit stuck 😞

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Not sure what's going on then. Would it be possible to share the scene, so I can take a look? (Either here or contact support(at)arnoldrenderer(dot)com)

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