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Transmission AOV desappear when "Transmit AOV" is enable in a refractive shader

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Transmission AOV desappear when "Transmit AOV" is enable in a refractive shader

Has I have time for the first time of my life on a project, I enjoy it to communicate to you another issue.

I often work for addvertising and use AOV everytime.

Lot of packshot are in 3D and we often have to rebuild glass shaders for parfums or drink.

The main rule is that the customer (the brand) always want to change colors until the end of the project.

And to achieve this, we need matte, and overall, matte seen throught the refraction to have the ability to correct everything at compositing time.

But there is a limitation I detected a while now.

When "Transmit AOV" is enable in the shader transmission tab, the "Transmission AOV" desappear (fill in black).

Here is the illustration :


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I think that's the expected behavior. From the docs:

When enabled, Transmission will pass through AOVs. If the background is transparent, then the transmissive surface will become transparent so that it can be composited over another background. Light path expression AOVs will be passed through so that for example a diffuse surface seen through a transmissive surface will end up in the diffuse AOV. Other AOVs can also be passed straight through (without any opacity blending), which can be used for creating masks for example.

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This is strange because I worked on a parfum project some month ago, and transmittence wasn't in the other AOVs.

Whatever, it works 🙂

Thank you.


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