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Toon Shader Edge detection on self shadows/ tonemap borders?

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Toon Shader Edge detection on self shadows/ tonemap borders?


I am using the Arnold toon shader and by using a shadowmatte node plugged into the edge detection mask channel I was able to achieve outlined shadows. However this does not seem to work for any self shadows (which are basically not really shadows, but are driven by the tonemap on the toon shader).

Does anybody have an idea how to map the tonemap on the object back to the edge detection mask or something like that? So far I haven't been able to get an outline on the range borders of the tonemap. Every color should be seperated by an edge simply speaking.

I appreciate any ideas!

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Hi Fynn,

One thing you can try to explore and define regions based on light incidence is described here

So you can use facing_ratio to generate colored regions that can then be passed on to the toon shader mask. You will have to explore a bit if it's possible to make those regions match well with toon shader's own region setup.

To guarantee a match, you could try to use two toon shaders with duplicated settings, one to generate the mask and the other to generate the edges, but I am not sure if that will work well.

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Hey Ramon, thank you very much for your input! This was exactly what I was looking for, great

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