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Toon shader alpha ignoring fill

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Toon shader alpha ignoring fill

Can't quite figure out why the alpha channel for the toon shader I have on an object is only outputting the lines and not the fills (see below/attached)

Any ideas why this happening?


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in reply to: Eden_Soto2

@ I guess that's a workaround, yes... ideally, it would be nice to just have the alpha be whatever has color in the composite so you don't have to go through extra steps to composite an alpha in post... my expectations for the alpha output would have been more akin to the composite but anywhere there was color, it would be all white so the matte would be the whole object

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Yes, absolutely. Unfortunately currently it's a technical limitation with the toon shader. Hopefully it will be solved in a future release.

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@ I wound up writing all the toon shader materials to a common RGBA AOV and this is the output I was pretty much expecting to be from the start (pic below)... this seems to be saving me a step of having to composite a matte from two AOVs

Appreciate your help!


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in reply to: Eden_Soto2

Are you able to explain how you did this? im having the same issue  😞

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in reply to: chatect

@chatect wrote:

Are you able to explain how you did this? im having the same issue  😞

Yeah, it's a bit tricky. Toon shader requires the contour filter which outputs only the edges in the alpha. The workaround is to setup custom AOVs with different filters. Like in the attached example:

  • beauty (gaussian filter): renders toon with no edges, entire object in the alpha
  • toon_beauty (contour filter): renders toon with edges, only edges in the alpha
  • edges (contour filter): render edges only

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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thank you!!!!!!!

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