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Texture Problems (Arnold, Substance Painter,C4D)

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Texture Problems (Arnold, Substance Painter,C4D)

Hi guys,

I am not sure If here is the correct place to ask, for this issue of mine is related to couple of apps like: Substance Painter, Arnold, Unfold 3d and Cinema.
I just can't seem to get the quality / resolution of the texture as was I expecting.
I modeled this twig:
Unwrapped it Unfold 3d. Increased the texel density to maximum in my efforts to increase the quality. Not sure If I did it the right way. Here is a screenshot of unfold:
Then back to C4D. Exported as fbx for Substance Painter:
Attaching painter file here:
In painter looks kinda okay but still not what I expected.
Exported the textures as 4k tiffs 32bit.
I lit it with some lights in c4d and arnold, and everything looks even worse. The roughness is nothing like in SP and the overall quality is bad.
Here is the file:
I downloaded an asset from Allegorithmic's Substance share:
I don't know where my problem is as I am trying to use multiple applications for which I have basic knowledge.
Excuse me if this question has been asked or is even for another forum.


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If you want to increase resolution you must use more UDIM's per object.

Try to export in 16 bits exr (only 32 bits if you really need it)

On the other hand, SP viewport (OpenGL realtime) is not equal that Arnold IPR (Pathtracing render), you never see things equal.

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