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Team Render Color Match

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Team Render Color Match

Hi — just updated to C4D R20 and Arnold

When team rendering a single frame, the buckets returned from each computer don't match each other. Seems like it might be a problem similar to this one, but that appears to have been resolved in the latest release:

See screenshot — excuse the red redacted portion.


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Do you have this issue in any scene or just this specific one? Do the clients have different operating systems maybe (win vs mac)?

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Hi @Peter Horvath — Thanks for your reply. All my clients are Mac OS X 10.13.

I have the issue with several scenes, but not all. Seems like the scenes with a greater number of image nodes behave worse, though that could be a coincidence. Haven't been able to pinpoint anything else.

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I'm not able to reproduce the issue. I wonder if it helps if you use tx textures everywhere or disable auto tx in the render settings. Also wondering if it's happening only in R20 or with previous versions as well? If you can send me just a simple scene I could reproduce the issue with, that'd be great.

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Hello, I had that same problem when I used color_jitter + X particles.

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X-Particles is not available for R20 yet AFAIK, so I suppose it was in R19, right? Can you send me your scene?

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I had this also in some images. After reinstalling the last plugin version it was gone.

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