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Team Render Cinema 4D (Mac and PC nodes) Error: "Several Plugins used are missing"

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Team Render Cinema 4D (Mac and PC nodes) Error: "Several Plugins used are missing"


I've got a Mac and PC and I'm trying to add the PC machine to my Team Renders, but the render fails every time.

Both machines are running the same version of Cinema 4D and Arnold (the latest versions). Both machines are green in the team render settings and I can transfer files between the computers with no problem. Also, the Standard and Physical renderers work fine in Team Render mode. Arnold isn't happy with something though.

In Team Render Client, under File>Plugins there is no option for C4DtoA (on the PC machine running Team Render Client).

Any ideas?



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The error indicates that C4DtoA is not installed on the Team Render client machine. You can verify that in the File > Plugins menu. If you don't see C4DtoA there then the plugin is not installed or not loaded.

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It looks like C4DtoA was installed on C4D, but it didn't install on the Team Render Client. I changed the folder for C4DtoA during install to "Team Render Client" and it works now...but now C4D does not have C4DtoA installed.

To clarify: On Team Render Client PC machine - C4DtoA will only install on Team Render Client OR C4D. Not both. Strange, no?

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The installer currently removes the previously installed version, but does not check the application. So if you have both, Studio and Team Render Client on the same machine it installs only to one of those. I'm going to fix this.

Meanwhile you can install to Studio with the installer and just copy the plugins/C4DtoA folder to the Team Render Client.

I have to check what about Mac, but it may be the same.

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Copying the Folder over works!


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