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Strings: number character interpretation bug?

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Strings: number character interpretation bug?

C4DtoA 2.6.0 [509cf977]
Arnold core

I'm not sure if this is a bug with how Arnold interprets number characters in strings or if this is part of the methodology of Arnold. To see what I'm talking about, do the following:

1. New scene, create a sphere, make it editable. Move it away from the origin to the side.

2. Ass export the sphere as a procedural. Give it the file name 'test2.ass'

3. Create a procedural object. In the ASS tab click on the Path param ellipses to bring up the windows explorer Open File dialogue. Find and grab 'test2.ass'.

4. Notice how the procedural object didn't bring in the file. This is because the Path param shows that the character '#' was substituted for the '2' in 'test2.ass' since Arnold thinks that number is a frame number.

5. Grabbing the file again via the Open File dialogue shows that Arnold corrects this mistake and replaces the string with what we want so that the path is correct. Therefore the sphere actually shows up, providing we enable the create objects param.

Is this a bug? I've had the same problem in the past with other projects and Arnold getting confused over whether the numbers in my file names are referring to frame numbers or file iterations. Sometimes, in an Arnold Driver object, I would have to fight the File Path parameter text box to change the # characters to numbers. i.e. I would hit backspace on # but it wouldn't get deleted.

Side note: Referring to step 1 - moving the sphere away from the origin: Bringing the procedural in shows that its bounding box is in the correct position in world space (off to the side like the original sphere) but the procedural object's axis is at the origin. Shouldn't the axis be at the center of the bounding box, similar to how the axis of the original sphere is at the center of itself?

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It's on purpose actually and the plugin works like this since the first release. If you open a file which contains numbers then the plugin assumes it's from a sequence and replaces them with # characters. Opening the path again or correcting the value by typing does not do the replacement, allowing you to load just a single frame.

I may be able to make the logic a bit more clever.

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On the side note, it's correct, the procedural is in the origo, it has it's own transformation matrix which is added to the content. That's by design.

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