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Strange behaviour on .ass file with relative path

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Strange behaviour on .ass file with relative path

Hi everyone,
I would like to have a relative path on an imported .ass file (because I want to avoid breaking connection if I copy the project with all his folder on another machine). It seams to work because in the viewport it shows correctly the bounding box of the object inside the .ass file but it doesn't render at all and doesn't give any error neither.


Can someone help me on that ?


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What did you put in the Procedural Search Path?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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There are no real relative paths in Cinema 4D. What's supported is to put the assets to the tex folder (you can use subfolders) and use the file name (e.g. cube.ass).

If you want to put the file to a different folder (not under tex) then you can define it in the Procedural search path under Render Settings / System. You still have to use the file name.

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I put "../model/" on the procedural search path (as this path worked for the rendering path : going up a level of folder and then going inside the folder named model)but I wasn't aware of the no real relative paths thing.
Ok thank you very much for all of your answer, I think I will go with the tex folder, seems more intuitive to me.

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The problem is that the path "../model" is relative to the current working directory, which is not well-defined in C4D. So the tex folder is the right way to go.

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