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Slow viewport during paused IPR

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Slow viewport during paused IPR

why does my c4d viewport fps drops below 1 when IPR has been paused? this makes pause function of IPR useless as it clogs viewport for some reason.

I am on Mac

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The plugin still collects scene changes while the IPR is paused but no actual scene update takes place, so it should not slow down the viewport. I'll take a look if I can reproduce it. How heavy is your scene and what changes do you make which slows down the viewport?

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c4d is totally clogged, I don't even make any changes except of wanting to move around viewport camera.

since you mentioned scene size I found out it does not happen on smaller scene and on my bigger scene I noticed If I delete ASS objects it works smooth, so it is ASSes that must clog the viewport even with IPR paused.

Maybe it is linked to generally bad viewport performance of ASSes we talked about already.

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Yes, sounds likely.

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that is once again pity as good proxy objects are a key render engine feature, I hope those issues will be addressed soon rather than later as I would hate to start a new project with all geometry baked into the scene file.

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Hello Peter, paused ipr also slows significantly down fps of viewport even if all ASS are off, albeit not to almost 0 like in case of ASS presence. Another thing about IPR is that even with change of light intensity it says "exporting ..." and takes in my opinion too long to update. Is it updating whole scene even if intensity of one light is changed?

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When paused, the plugin should just collect and store scene changes, but does not execute export and render. So in theory that should be quick and small impact on the fps.

Changing light intensity does not trigger a full scene update. Is it a mesh light maybe or do you have light linking in the scene? Those cases may require re-exporting the mesh. Otherwise could be a bug.

Would it be possible to share this scene to take a look if I can reproduce it?

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As far as changing light intensity, "exporting..." text disappeares after I erased all ASS from scene, now the IPS updates instant.

FPS issue is tricky.
Scene with defined file paths, paused IPS: 3fps
Same scene with local textures in tex folder, paused IPS: 11fps
Both scenes with IPR off: 21 fps

My scene is more than 2gb, maybe you can take some other architectural scene that you already have

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Hmm, not sure why light intensity affects the procedurals. I'll check if I can reproduce it.

About the fps issue, what do you mean by "defined file paths" vs "local textures"? I'll check my test scenes if I have a similar issue there.

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Defined paths in preferences (do not need local tex folder)
local textures with asset paths turned off, but with local tex folder

in both cases bitmap path has only file name, no folder structure


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I checked one of my scenes which has lots of procedurals and a couple of textures, but I can not see any slowdowns when the IPR is paused, it matches the fps when the IPR is turned off. I also checked the code, it really skips any translation to the Arnold scene, checks only the dirty state of the C4D scene. If you just move the camera around that must be a very minimal overhead.

I'm still clueless what can cause the slowdown in your scene. And the fps depending on where the assets are located is odd as well. Not sure I can do more without a repro.

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ok, i will screen record it maybe i am missing some step

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Hi Peter, using the latest version 3.3.1 I no longer experience this slowdown. Kudos

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Great, thanks for the update!

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