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Shift-adding Arnold camera causes it to lose Arnold tag

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Shift-adding Arnold camera causes it to lose Arnold tag

Arnold core

Create a new c4d scene, add a primitive cube, select it, then create an Arnold camera while holding shift in order to make it a child of the cube. The arnold tag that usually comes along by default with the camera is never created. It's a small bug but annoying and breaks you out of your blissful workflow.

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  • bug
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It's indeed a bug, will be fixed in the next release.

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When is the next release coming out? Or an even better question, is there a timeline I can follow somewhere that shows me future release dates?

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We are not allowed to disclose dates of future releases, sorry. Major or critical bug fixes are released quickly, frequency of minor releases is around 2-4 weeks, which I'd like to keep.

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Good to know. You're doing a great job so far with keeping the schedule. Thanks for all your hard work!

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