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Scatter object, surface distribution fixed

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Scatter object, surface distribution fixed

Hi, when distributing objects on the surface of an animated deformed mesh with Arnold Scatter, the objects are jumping around the surface (unless the distribution mode is set to vertex..).

I am wondering if it is possible to distribute an stick objects onto a surface with fixed/relative positions even if the surface deforms (similar to the C4D cloner).

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Not possible currently. I will take a look how to add this to a future release.

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This would be great! It's so much faster then using a Cloner. The even distribution by distance gives very good results too. Maybe there is a way to fix/stick the objects to the animated surface.
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Hi @peter.horvath6V6K3 

This still isn't a feature, right?

I have a moving mesh with objects scattered on it, and they sort-of-but-not-quite follow the mesh, but on watching back the render, they are jumping around like jellybeans...

Arrrg! 🤣

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That's right, it has not been added yet, sorry. I'll try to prioritize this in the coming weeks, but not sure how difficult it will be.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer

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