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Restricting atmosphere effects to a cube

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Restricting atmosphere effects to a cube

Greetings to all.

Is there any way to restrict an atmosphere_volume to a cube or other enclosed mesh? I don't want to apply it to my entire scene- just a specific portion of it. I only need it to affect a certain group of lights within an enclosed space, and not the lights outside of that space.

I realize I can just set the volume contribution of the lights I don't want affected by the atmosphere to 0, but I'd rather not have to do this for each and every light that I create.

Alternatively, is there any way to make the standard volume act the same way as the atmosphere_volume shader does? I don't want the darkening effect of the standard_volume shader, just the nice light rays and shadows that the atmosphere_volume gives me.



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Not sure about c4d specifics, but you should be able to do that using 3D projections / layered 3d projections in the same way as you’d map a fractal to the density. Just instead of it repeating through the whole world space, projections are contained to a certain size.

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You could try converting a cube to a mesh volume.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist

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