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Rendering smoke colors from explosia fx

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Rendering smoke colors from explosia fx

Explosia fx is getting color from the xparticles emitter, shows correctly in the viewport but dont kknow how to access the colors in arnold....

Any suggestions ?

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All channels from explosia are exported by default (since C4DtoA 3.3.2), so you should be able to just read the color channel (e.g. in a standard_volume or volume_sample_rgb shader).

If it does not work, please send us a scene and I'll take a look.

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in reply to: SteffenJSDGK

I cannot get that to work..

Please take a look

Wetransfer link to project file...

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Indeed, the Explosia FX integration is missing support for the color channel. I'm going to fix this in the next release. Meanwhile, if you need the fix right now, please request a custom build via

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Fixed in C4DtoA You can now sample the color channel via the volume_sample_rgb shader.

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