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rendered files from c4d to photoshop

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rendered files from c4d to photoshop

Hi all, I just created a render from C4D to PS. This is man first attempt, for a promo, for rendering, this way, when a real job arises, I will be somewhat prepared; in the native physical renderer, the MP layers, seem to come in appropriately, with proper layer modes, etc, and object buffers in the channel menu, but this is different with Arnold, unless I've made some mistakes . Can someone please direct me, I created mask tags and other AOVs, many of which I included, in part, because I would rather have them, than not, and not clear on the uses, ie "albedo", for example. Object buffers come in the layer panel, not channel panel, is this normal,? In my PSD file "diffuse albedo" is the first layer, layer mode is "linear dodge add', is there a proper way to figure out layer order, modes, etc, or just go by instincts,? any wisdom would help, the other users , based upon my other questions are very savvy here, thank you, Craig

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Currently all AOVs are layers, I'm not sure I can change the object mask AOVs to channel type, I have to take a look.

You have to select the AOVs according to your needs. For example the beauty pass can be produced multiple ways, adding together the following AOVs:

  • direct + indirect + emission + background
  • diffuse + specular + coat + transmission + sss + volume + emission + background
  • diffuse_direct + diffuse_indirect + specular_direct + specular_indirect + coat + transmission + sss + volume + emission + background

The albedo AOVs are not needed to reconstruct the beauty AOV, but may be used for example to get just the lighting without the surface texture, by dividing diffuse by diffuse_albedo, or for denoising just the lighting while keeping the texture detail intact.

You can also extract information based on light groups, etc.

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Thank you!-BTW-we can always select the Arnold Object masks in the layer panal and save them, when saved , they show up in the channels panal, although with MP, I know that they are perfectly registered with the selected object-and thank you for your detailed response, and all of your other great words of advice, you have been exceedingly helpful to me, and others, Craig

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