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render takes all the memory and freeze

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render takes all the memory and freeze

when i use 8k textures , it takes all the ram , like 10 gb of ram , so are there an option to put a max texture size even if its more than it , so i dont need to go to photoshop and resize it to a smaller size !?

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I assume you're using Arnold GPU beta, because the CPU has a max texture cache size, which by default is 2GB. So on CPU you could have TBs of texture data and never use more than 2GB

For Arnold GPU, set the Max Texture Resolution in the Render Settings > System tab

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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no im using cpu , and the max texture cache size is 2 , how much should i put it ?

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If you're using CPU, then the textures are not the problem.

A max cache of 2GB means that Arnold will never load more than 2GB of texture data.

Could be displacement. Could be a number of things, I cannot tell without more information.

Can you get an Arnold log for a render? Maybe ignore textures, displacement, and subdivision, and then start turning them back on one by one.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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its the subdivide for the dispalcment , so how im i supposed to get a good displacment without subdividing cuz more than 5 sub , it freezes

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How does that work, exactly?
I have many GBs of texture files being loaded for my scene.  I have the Tx file system on.

If i restrict the resolutions to 2k (2048?), then would it basically cut my VRAM usage in half when I render with GPU?

Does it use the Tx files as they are and just alter the resolution going to the GPU, or does it have to make entirely new Tx files?


I have 12 GB of VRAM, but I am always maxing out my VRAM, and I assume using shared system RAM.

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