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Render not showing when saved to PSD

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Render not showing when saved to PSD

Hello all,

i have this problem that is driving me crazy. After rendering, I save as a PSD file, the thumbnail and the preview app(on Mac) show the right image but when I open the PSD, the only layer I find are a the alpha or a black layer. I changed the blending modes and I still can not figure out how to export a PSD with the alpha and the rendered image. 
now I have to export two files , tiff and the alpha.

have any of you encountered the same problem? 
thanx in advance 

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Is it Arnold specific? Do you have the same problem with other renderers? Normally Arnold just passes the beauty, alpha, etc. output to Cinema 4D, who takes care about saving it to the selected file format.


What are your settings, I don't see any problem with the multipass output.


All channels are in the file, in this case beauty (RGB), alpha and diffuse channels:




// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer

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