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Render Mask only

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Render Mask only

Is there a way to render only masks?

I have a scene with lots of objects and sometimes I get into photoshop and realise that I am in need of an extra mask. I go back to C4D and add an Arnold Object Mask to the object and then re render but it seems to always render the beauty so it takes a long time when all I need is the mask.

I guess I am looking for a check box in the render settings that says "render masks only". Does this exist?

Or is there another way that I am missing?

Any guidance appreciated. Thanks.

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in reply to: simonEPZ3S

Try clearing the AOV checkbox


// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: simonEPZ3S

Wouldn't outputting a Cryptomatte be an option as well? This way you can select any object in the scene without any re-rendering at all

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Currently beauty is always rendered in the Picture Viewer, even if you disable the AOV on the display driver. I see that rendering only specific AOVs without the beauty could be useful, so I try to add this to a future release.

The IPR renders only the selected AOV by default (without the beauty pass) if 'Render all AOVs' is turned off, so that could be a workaround for now?

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Right, I guess using cryptomatte could be an option as well.

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in reply to: simonEPZ3S

If I use Render Queue, it renders without the beauty

C4DtoA | 00:00:01   731MB         |  render done in 0:01.583
C4DtoA | 00:00:01   731MB         |  [driver_exr] writing file `S:\Projects\c4d\output_diffuse.exr'
C4DtoA | 00:00:01   732MB         |  [driver_exr] writing file `S:\Projects\c4d\output_specular.exr'
C4DtoA | 00:00:01   671MB         | render done

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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sorry for the delay...i got side tracked.

Not used Cryptomatte before but just had a quick play and I think that could work for me.


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I tried this and that worked for me as a workaround.

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