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render c4d pyro in the ipr, only gives grey result

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render c4d pyro in the ipr, only gives grey result

I followed the steps posted in the forum, but the result is a grey flame, see attached, I hope someone can help me make this work in the ipr.

kind regards, Remco


pyro problempyro problem

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in reply to: remmac

I have the same issue..not sure what is missing. It would be amazing to have a clear example of how to set this up properly. Thanks!



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in reply to: remmac

I found out a workaround:

The Arnold volume tag need to be on the Pyro main object.

Then, in the volume change the Channel Name in Emission to Temperature.

Adjust the Kelvin in Blackbody.

Then tweak the Density values.pyro fix.PNG

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in reply to: remmac

Just leave the Emission Channel empty. Emission is calculated as blackbody * emission channel. If the channel is specified but does not exist, then it will kill the emission. So just leave it empty. If you specify temperature, then temperature is counted twice.


(Note, that the Arnold Volume object is slightly different, because it simply ignores non-existing channels when calculating emission, instead of counting them as zero.)

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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in reply to: remmac

Also under your pyro tag, make sure you have temperature and density set to "on" under object and you may need to cache it first before seeing it in your IPR. 

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