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Render a standard surface to an AOV

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Render a standard surface to an AOV

AOV write has a passthrough and an AOV input. It looks like this WAS possible to write a standard surface as the AOV output, but that functionality got removed in Arnold 5. You can now only write a vector.

Just bringing up an old question to see if there is a solution since some time has passed. I've looked through most of the old threads and didn't find anything.

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No, the answer is still the same:

Standard Surface returns a closure, not a color, that's why you cannot connect to the AOV Input.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Gotcha - thanks! Do you foresee this being implemented in some other way to achieve the same goal of rendering a standard surface to an AOV?

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What's the use-case where you need this AOV for?

As a workaround you can set an id in the standard surface shader rendered to an AOV which you can use as a mask in post.

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