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'Reload texture' button in C4Dtoa node material

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'Reload texture' button in C4Dtoa node material

Before Arnold used the C4D node system, there was a 'reload texture' button, but since Arnold has used C4D node system I can't find a way to quickly reload the linked texture file. (I often use photoshop to create a texture, which I then edit and need to subsequently reload). I know I can follow the inputs path in the attribute manager, and choose the file again, which opens a file search window and seems very long winded considering the convenience of the previous 'reload texture' button. 


Also, when I select the file to load, most of the time the image doesn't actually load. I then open the IPR to hit the reload textures button there.


Dunno if I'm missing something or whether this functionality will be reintroduced at some point.


In case I'm missing something, any pointers would be much appreciated!




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You refer to the Reload button in the image shader, right, next to the preview? Indeed, it has not been not ported to the Node Editor yet, and there's no way to reload a texture from the Node Editor at the moment. It will be added in one of the next releases.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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Reload button is added to the image shader in the latest release, C4DtoA 4.6.4.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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Amazing, thanks Peter!

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