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Reading camera information from ASS file

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Reading camera information from ASS file

While I was looking into this to see if it's possible, I stumbled upon the comment below. So I assume it's not possible.

Is this something that could be added?

I think it would be very handy to be able to select any cameras that were in the .ass file in the IPR camera dropdown.

I assume you tried to load the ass file via an Arnold Procedural. The ASS procedural loads only shapes, it does not support cameras. Try to use Alembic or USD, or recreate the camera in the c4d scene with the same name (excluding the heading slash, e.g. persp1/perspShape1).

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It is indeed not possible at the moment, as said in the other thread. Can not promise anything at the moment, we have to investigate how difficult would it be to add.

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