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R20 Team render clients crash

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R20 Team render clients crash



I am using Cinema4D R20 and the latest arnold update. Everytime I hit the team render button some render clients crash instantly. I start with 20 clients but four renderings later there are just 8 available. Any ideas how to fix it?

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in reply to: albert.adler

I had this issue in R20 also, but only when opening files originally saved from earlier versions of C4D or Arnold. Pasting the scene into a new file and manually re-entering the render settings fixed the crash issue — though still have color consistency issues between machines.

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in reply to: albert.adler

Thank you Alice. I always used the render settings from R19. Hopefully this is the solution.

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Let me know if that solved the issue or not. Would be interesting to know if it's related only to Arnold or happens also with the Standard/Physical renderer.

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in reply to: albert.adler

I still have this issue. 😞

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Could you please confirm if te Standard rederer works, so it's only an issue with Arnold? Do you have maybe a bugreport file or Arnold log on the clients which crash?

Message 7 of 13 Here are the bugreports of a few render clients.

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Sorry for getting back to you so late. So far I'm not able to reproduce the problem, I don't have that many clients though. I don't see any c4dtoa related calls in the bugreport files, so I'm still not sure it's a bug in Arnold and not in the R20 Team Render. Can you test different renderers?

Aslo I wonder if this happens with any scene, or maybe there's something in one specific scene which triggers the issue? Is it single frame render or animation or both?

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in reply to: albert.adler

It's happen here whit the team render only ... no Arnold, and many client crash after a render job.

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This sounds like the issue is related to R20 Team Render and not specific to Arnold.

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in reply to: albert.adler

I have the same issue, physical render. Animation or png sequence. It’s a heavy duty file though but still... don’t remember these issues with r19... debating on going backwards in version

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I see some R20 fixes on the MAXON beta forum, which has not been released yet. If you have access to the beta, please give it a try.

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in reply to: albert.adler

Maxon told me to uncheck peer-to-peer box in the team render Settings. Now it works better.

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