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Question about Arnold integration in new C4D install

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Question about Arnold integration in new C4D install

Hi all, I'm getting back into Cinema4D after a lengthy absence.  I've installed C4D with Redshift, and I need to adapt a project file sent to us by a client.  It's telling me I'm missing the following plugins at launch:

Plugin 'Arnold' (ID 1029988)
Plugin 'Arnold Light' (ID 1030424)
Plugin 'Arnold AOV' (ID 1030369)
Plugin 'Arnold Driver' (ID 1030141)
Plugin 'Arnold Material (legacy)' (ID 1033991).


If I purchase an Arnold license, will it resolve all of these? I assume so, but want to confirm.  It will be on the company dime, and I anticipate receiving more project files from our partners that use these plugins. Thanks!

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Can't you just delete all the Arnold stuff from the scene? Is there too much?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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It seems like it’s involved in the textures, the lighting – a bit of
everything. If I weren’t a bit rusty on the software, I’d opt to rebuild.
But as it stands, it might be more trouble than that’s worth.
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If you're going to do the job with Arnold, then you'd need to get at least a monthly license for Arnold.


A trial would get rid of the errors, but the scene would still be set up for Arnold, not Redshift.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks, that's what I figured – forgive my ignorance, but I assume that Redshift and Arnold can co-exist in one Cinema 4D installation?  It's just a matter of choosing which renderer to use, depending on how the scene is set up?

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Yes, having both renderers shouldn't be a problem. I haven't seen any support cases about it...

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: mblonde7VS9B

Yup, they work fine together.


If you did want to clean the scene these set of scripts are invaluable. There is one in there called AR_RemoveMissingTextureTags. Just delete the materials then select everything in the object manager and run the scripts and voila, all the empty tags are gone so your ready to add new materials.


You can also place new objects at the same location as an existing one by selecting the current object and then Control clicking the new one. Helpful if you wanted to replace lights. You would still need to change size and intensity though.


Lastly, not sure when the last time you used C4D was but it now has built in color management, so if you want the color pickers to match what is on the screen probably best you enable this. Press Control + D on the keyboard and select color management and change from Basic to OpenColorIO and click Convert. You also need to tell Arnold about this which is in the Render settings pane.



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in reply to: lizGYM66

This is great, thanks for the comment.  I'll check out those scripts and play around... might make it worthwhile to try rebuilding some of these scene elements without additional plugins.  


My last exposure to C4D in a meaningful way was around R15/16.  I work in theatrical marketing and post, so I don't often need to model/animate things.  It's mostly dealing with logo extrusions and text that I can pull into after effects to comp into a scene.

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