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Projection UV

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Projection UV

Want to have the texture be same size relative to world not size of object.

But the texture doesnt rotate according to the object.

Clones are rotated with a random effector and edge material follows rotation.

But side / ripple cardboard does not rotate so they all rotate same angle.

Tried Triplanar world, UVtransform, UVprojection...

Any tips ?

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If I understand correctly what you need is to scale the texture based on the scale of the object which is coming from the Random effector. If you could set the scale on the clones as a user data, you would be able to access it in the Arnold Material via a user_data shader to drive a uv_transform. However I don't think this is possible. Maybe with some scripting, but I'm not sure.

Maybe you can have an effector which scales the UVs as well.

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Hm ok. Seems like the most simple thing, but it\s not possible you say...hmm ok

Thanks for the input anyway...

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