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Procedurals and Volume Shader

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Procedurals and Volume Shader


I imported foam point cloud (8 million particle) from Realflow to C4D using Realflow particle import plugin. This brings particles as TP in C4D ad now I can render them using Arnold TP group. If I add Arnold Mesh Volume tag and Volume Shader, the result is pretty nice foam. However, importing so many points makes the computer unusable. I tried to export .ass file from Realflow and use Arnold Procedurals, this is insane fast but now Mesh Volume tag and Volume Shader doesn't work anymore. This is not possible?

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Arnold Procedural is not a mesh, and it doesn't have Step size or Volume padding parameters.

You'll have to set those parameters on whatever objects are in the ASS file. Either before you export the ASS file, or with an operator later.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: mika.ihatsu

Thank you for the answer

I tried this operator

radius *=0.1 (this works because i'm able to change the radius)

step_size *=1

volume_padding *=0

What else I need? It still don't render when i add standar_volume

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Use these parameter overrides in the Arnold Procedural:


It will set the step_size and volume_padding of all polymeshes and also overrides the shader with a standard_volume. (The standard_volume is a material from the scene.) Set the values to your needs.

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Thx, i got it work! I had to add this mode= 'sphere' to operator as well

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