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Procedural export often crashes when using the 'Replace' option

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Procedural export often crashes when using the 'Replace' option

Around 50% of the time when using the 'Replace' option to create a procedural Cinema 4D will crash. Cinema has to be force quit and restarted. I can't narrow down what causes the crash as out of two very similar hierarchies one will export and replace fine whereas the other will crash. The procedural is created (I can find that at the save location) but the crash seems to happen while trying to replace the object in the object manager. Cinema crash report enclosed.

MacOS 10.13.6

Cinema 4D R21.115

C4DtoA / Arnold core

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I could not reproduce the crash so far. Does it happen in a simple scene as well? Like a couple of Cubes, Spheres, etc. Do settings matter (e.g. Selected vs Selected individually, Export object hierarchy on vs off, etc.)?

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in reply to: Simon_Wicker

Here is a zipped scene to test. This crashes for me when trying to export. I've screen grabbed my settings and the result.

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Yep, that's crashing. 🙂 Gonna fix this in the next release. Thanks.

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