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Problem with shader on transporting

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Problem with shader on transporting



Hello. I'm using Arnold 2.3.0. I save the project with the function "Save project with Assets". I archive the project and textures into the zip-file. The products must contain the manufacturer's logo. I send a working draft to my colleague. The colleague uses Arnold 2.3.0. When opening a colleague, not in the IRP-window, logos are not visible in the renderers. We checked all the nodes in the layer shader - it's all the same as mine and the settings are not reset. What is the problem? Help me, please.

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Is there any warning or error in the console?

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Also check if there are any different settings in the IPR window? Maybe the debug shading is enabled?

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Peter, there is no any warning or error. I`ll check the debug shading.

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The error has not been fixed. We use different operating systems. I have Windows, my colleague has a Mac OS. We have the same versions of Arnold, but different versions of Cinema 4D.

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Here is a screen-shot from a computer colleague. I understand that the node "layer" is not working and therefore it can be a problem

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why are the IPRs so different? Why is the floor not lit, and why is the lipstick not red? Are you using the layer shader on all those elements?

I would get an Info-level Arnold log from each machine and compare them.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Tell me, please, how to get Info-level Arnold log?

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My colleague returned a project with which he works. I opened his version of the project - I do not have these errors. Everything is working fine for me.

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The layer was removed in C4DtoA 2.3.0, and replace by the layer_shader. However it broke compatibility, that's why in the C4DtoA bugfix release, the layer was restored and marked as deprecated. So I recommend to update to or the latest

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