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Problem with denoising an animation in arnold

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Problem with denoising an animation in arnold


Really having trouble denoising an animation....rendered it again with a denoiser but makes like not a real difference. Screenshot 2021-08-05 180217.pngScreenshot 2021-08-05 180436.png

The light samples are set to 3..There are some (moving) lights in the scene and the cameras have DOF so there are various things which could be the problem but the final result is really not looking is a wetransfer link so you can have a look at the result and maybe you have an idea....

thank you and greetings!

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Are you using the Arnold denoiser (noice)? The command line tool from the Render Settings and not the imager:

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hey. yes i am using exactly this one...but there is like no real difference after the denoise .. i am pretty clueless at the moment. the render samples should be fine and i upped the light samples to 5-6..... checked the clamp sample option but there is this all over grain/flickering i can not get rid of.

do you have any further idea or do i have to use more aa samples?

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Seems like the grain is coming from specular noise around sharp edges. You can try making the lights bigger or increase bevel radius on the edges.

You can also try to increase the number of Temporal Stability Frames to see if that helps.

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