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Pre-populating the GPU cache totally freezes computer

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Pre-populating the GPU cache totally freezes computer

While pre-populating the GPU cache, computer freezes totally,

I mean totally, you can't do anything, only solution is to hold down Power button, to turn off PC,

sometimes it happens when about 20% populating is done, sometimes when about 80% is done,

computer hardware seems okay, never happened any freezes and I have done almost all available stress tests, no problems occurred.

WIN10-64 1909 18363.476, NVIDIA GRD 441.41, C4D R21.026, C4DtoA

Z390 Aorus Elite, i7-9700KF, 16GB DDR4-3200, GeForce RTX 2070, A1000 NVMe PCIe M.2 480GB, CORSAIR RM850x

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Is this the first time you run cache pre-population, or did it run successfully with a previous driver/c4dtoa version? I tried to reproduce the issue on Win 10 and GeForce RTX 2070 with driver 441.41, but I could not, the process finished properly.

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in reply to: brosetgroup

thanks Peter for testing it,
I am not surprised that you din't have any issues,
this is strange anomaly, sometimes it appears, sometimes not,
for me it has been around with different NVIDIA drivers and Arnold versions,
I also was able to finish it properly now, so you should consider this is solved problem,
whats protherin me, is that I can't wind the reason what causing it,
usually I can run Pre-populating successfully, but after re-running it again, just to check it, it causes problem what is mentioned in first post,
after freezes and restarts I can re-run it many times, no problems, and suddenly it appears again,
deleting all caches and starting it all again, may finish successfully or may crash, thats strange,
anyway in the end I can Pre-populate GPU cache, so I have no problems, thanks for the best render engine in the world.

all the best.

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