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Post Imager in Arnold IPR in C4D does not work

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Post Imager in Arnold IPR in C4D does not work

Applying a LUT with Imager_tone and any lens effects with Imager_lens does not appear to work with the newest Arnold update for C4dtoa. Even after rendering it does not work. anyway to get the post to work?

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I tested both and they work just fine.

This is a very basic scene with a bloom effect, does it render ok for you?

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Thanks for responding it does work! maybe its my scene it is quite heavy but its odd that the scene updates but not with the post. Now I have an entirely new problem that the file closes c4d upon opening but oopens fine in R24 but not was working before...

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That's odd, maybe something in the scene is filling the memory in R25?

About imagers not rendering, not sure what can cause it in your scene. Check the Selection tab of the imagers, maybe they are accidentally assigned to a specific driver or AOV. If you can share the scene, I can take a look.

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in reply to: klee45099

Hopefully this dropbox link works.

so far this file if IPR is already open c4d will close. Closing it before opening the project still opens. Im basically recreating the scene in a new file and so far IPR works normally. While I was working on this originally I prob have switched between R24 and R25 on accident. Uninstalling and reinstalling diffferent versions of c4d and arnold didnt seem to work and when It did it would work for a bit then crash again.

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in reply to: klee45099

I've experience files crashing upon opening before and I believe the problem was C4D's startup launcher. Have you tried opening the project with file>open?

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Thanks, I have found the problem, it's a bug in the plugin, when a custom OCIO color manager is set and the scene is loaded while the IPR window is visible. The bug was introduced in C4DtoA 4.0 I believe. It will be fixed in the next version.

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As I can see, you don't actually need a custom color manager in your scene, so you can get around this crash following these steps:

  • Open the scene with the IPR windows closed.
  • Create a new Arnold material: this will trigger a preview render, which initializes the color manager to avoid the crash.
  • Go to the render settings and change the color manager to 'default - ACES'
  • Save the scene
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in reply to: klee45099

omg it works! so far it does not crash when IPR opens up now thank you! I wonder if its something wrong with the OCIO. Thank you very much! at this point I already started over the project lol my headache is now gone though much appreciated!

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I'm glad it's working. Nothing's wrong with the OCIO config, it's just a silly bug in the plugin, easy to fix.
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Fixed in C4DtoA 4.0.3.

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