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Polygon Borders visible in render

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Polygon Borders visible in render

Hey guys. I'm evalutaing arnold render for an 3d Poprject right now. We are creating Characters. I have downloaded the demo and created a skin shader. But in the final Render i've got a weird problem. The polygon lines from the mesh are visible. Looks like someone added a Wireframe render on top. This also happens when i remove all textures. It get's better when i add a subdivion surface but this can't be right. Maybe some has an idea how to fix that. Thanks in advance.polygonlines.jpg

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It looks like it is happening with SSS. It could be an issue with your polygon edges not being smooth. What happens when you subdivide the model? Which sss_type are you using? I imagine it will happen with all types.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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HI, thanks for your answer. I used randomwalk as sss type. I tried diffusion and the artifact dissapeard completly. I think there's something going on with the topology. In the Cinema 4d viewport i got similar artifacts. The mesh goes in a subdivion surface anyways. This also resolves the artifacts with randomwalk sss. I was just curious about the reason, what could caused such artifacts.shadingissueinviewport.png

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Is that screengrab before or after the subdivision? Did you manage to unlock/smooth the normals of the model to see if that helps?

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Did you use subdivide or subdivision mesh?

(You have to use subdivision surface in catmull clark)

They work differently

Try also applying Arnold tag and use the subdivision tag inside to subdivide only at the render time.


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Hi, the Screengrab is without subdivision. The Artifacts go away when i throw the mesh into a cinema subdivision surface(catmull clark). The Arnold tag works also. The Artifacts also go away when i change the sss type to diffuse or randomwalkv2 even without subdivision.

So the Artifacts only appear with a low res mesh with randomwalk as sss type. I can live with that. I use the arnold tag with subdivision.

Thanks to everyone!

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