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Plugin crashes in cinema 4d r20, the cause is ai.dll

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Plugin crashes in cinema 4d r20, the cause is ai.dll

I am using v3 arnold and i wanted to apply Greyscalegorilla Material but i get this message, I have uninstalled program all plugins tried again and it does not work. Any help guys i would appreciate.

Thank you very much.


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Can you send me that _BugReport.txt file?

Does it crash when you try to add a material from the Greyscalegorilla Material library? Any material of specific one? Maybe it's a compatibility issue with Arnold 6. Make sure you are using the latest version of the GSG materials.

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When i apply to an object, any material from GSG at least this package( ) it crashes current version is 1.0 so its up to date.

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Sounds like something related to the GSG material. Could you please email support(at)greyscalegorilla(dot)com? They will help you figure out what's going on.

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