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Plugin Crashes almost every time. ai.dll problem, Cinema R23 and R21.

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Plugin Crashes almost every time. ai.dll problem, Cinema R23 and R21.


It's been some time that I have been using Arnold for Cinema4D, and lately for some reason the plugin crashes almost every time. I use ACES, and export a 16 bits EXR file.

I can't make heads or tails from the bugreport so I thought asking here to see what to do about it.

Thank you!


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Unfortunately the bugreport file does not tell much about the crash this time.

Does it happen in any scene, even a simple one, or just in a specific scene? Do you have the same crash when not using ACES? When you export to a 16-bit EXR, do you do it via an Arnold driver?

Would be great if you could share the scene and the steps to reproduce the crash.

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Did you manage to solve this? The last week, no matter what I render it crashes on frame 2. I've reinstalled twice, I'm using the most up to date version and I've tried multiple scenes. IPR works fine, responsive with no crashes. As soon as I take it to picture viewer frame 2 crashes and I get the same message above ^ ai.dll has crashed.

I really need to meet deadlines and this is killing me. Its 4.20am and I've spent 7 hours trying to set up a render that doesn't crash.

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