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OSX Arnold to C4D21(trial) Crash on loading images with standard surface material.

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OSX Arnold to C4D21(trial) Crash on loading images with standard surface material.

Hello, I'm on trial mode with both C4D and Arnold on osx and I try to figure out where is the problem when I use image-based materials, file names are cleans, images not too heavy, simple path, but when I use the node image to load, the image shows up a minute in the IPR window then C4D crash. Otherwise, everything works fine even on heavy scenes it's only an image problem, converting to .mx doesn't change the problem too.

Maybe it's a lack of RAM or something I have 24Go RAM it's an i7 processor and the card is AMD radeon R9 M395X 4Go or one of them is sabotage.

please help


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Does the crash happen with a specific image or any image?

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Same problem here. Does not matter what image I use. As soon as I plug in texture in material or dome light, cinema crashes without any notifications. I debugged the only thing. If I use single GPU - it works. If I utilize all 4 - it crashes instantly. Actually it crashes in any case when I use more than 1 gpu.
I followed FAQ and updated Drivers (441.66 Game Ready and Studio)
Tried to prepopulate shaders
Tried 2-3-4 way SLI modes
Deleted cinema's preferences folder
Deleted all the plugins (Arnold was the only left)

Windows 10 1909
Cinema 4d R21.115
Arnold 3.0.1
Intel i9-7940x
64 Gb Ram
Motherboard: Asus Apex Predator 6

Thanks in advance!

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Not the same problem, because there is no Arnold GPU on macOS.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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We have other similar reports, we're investigating. Thanks.

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