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Open Color IO Color Managment - Team Render Mismatch

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Open Color IO Color Managment - Team Render Mismatch

Hi there. When I am using Team Render only the "host" Machine is applying Color IO Texture Conversions. The clients do not read the color io profiles, and there seems to be no way to set them. When I am rendering the pc with ACES applied is correct, and the others are all off. Rendering in "built in" color managment. Is there any way to be consistent among all team render clients. Thank you for your help.

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OCIO is not supported in Team Render at the moment. At least not like other assets. Normally when a client needs an asset (e.g. texture) then downloads it from the server. The problem with the OCIO config is that it references other files (e.g. LUTs), so basically the whole folder should be transferred to the client, preserving the folder structure, which is not possible at the moment in C4D.

If the config is located on a shared drive, where each client can reach it, that should work.

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Thank you very much for the quick help! This was one of the last things I had in mind to try out to fix it. But I thought "nah this wont work"... Now I know it does! 🙂 That is a relief. Maya is so much better equipet in regards of color management. Wondering when they will keep up.

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