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Object Mask through glass

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Object Mask through glass

Hi! I have a scene where the camera looks through a glass panel onto different objects. When I try to put custom AOVs (object masks) on the objects behind the glass, their masks don't show up in the IPR (what kind of makes sense considering the glass is in the way and blocking the complete outlining of the objects.

I tried setting up an individual take where I delete the glass to get my AOVs, but due to the IOR of the glass material, the objects are smaller than they should be.

Is there any way to make the object mask pass through the transparency of the glass panel or is this a hopeless case?

Best regards,

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Enable the Transmit AOVs option in the standard_surface shader under the Transmission group.

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Thank you so much!

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lets say you render a glass..and export it to nuke and put checkerboard behind,will it show it? or you put green screen footage behind the t o set in arnold so you can see through the glass during composition in nuke?

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Alternatively, is there a way to have an object mask AOV for an object show up 'as is' no matter what is obscuring said object? i.e. completely opaque rock wall and I want to still see the AOV of the object masked object behind it.

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