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Object AOVs in Reflections?

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Object AOVs in Reflections?

Is there a way to render object AOVs in reflected objects? An example would be an object sitting in front of a mirror with the object matte aov including both the reflected and non reflected object.

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You can do this through the RGBA beauty, the main.
So you can set it up and just render the shot twize.

1 time for normal and 1 time for this custom AOV.
You can close down all other objects reflecting with ray switcher approach, or simply just matte everything except your original item.
This will leave a complete black canvas and 2 objects, the original and its reflection.

Due to the current nature of read AOV and write AOV, we can only pick up certain data AOVs and reroute them, if we could fetch "any" AOV with a read AOV and process the stuff and send to a write AOV, we could composit things more easily.

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