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mysterious [texturesys] errors when using ass

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mysterious [texturesys] errors when using ass

Hello, I still have issues when using ASS in my files. I get [texturesys] error about textures, used in ASS, not existing although they definitely exist and are properly linked.

for example:
[c4dtoa] 00:01:46 21550MB ERROR | [texturesys] /Smooth_Metal_3|oaktramonto597267-edit: Invalid image file "Metal_009_COL_6K.tx": Could not open file: Metal_009_COL_6K.tx: No such file or directory

The last time I reported this it was not resolved. I am not going to investigate further due to the complexity of the scene. It would be helpful if Arnold reported not only texture but also affected ASS so this could be solved.

Perhaps you can look into it if it pops out with someone else.

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in reply to: thiago.ize

Reading and Writing at the same time should not be a consitent problem.
As far as I know the MakeTx executable locks the file and first writes to a temp file before switching it with the actual Tx file.
Besides that, 'auto convert tx' files is turned off. No writing should happen during render.

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